A quarter a day

A quarter a day

Workout for fifteen minutes a day. If you get any results then? Yes, indeed. If you train effectively those fifteen minutes.


More and more studies show that it is possible to get good results by training short workout from short workout routines with high intensity. You shouldn't underestimate the value of high intensity when it comes to training, and especially if you do it fifteen minutes a day. Intensity is important whether it's cardio or weight lifting.

When a person who workouts finally has passed the first steps of working out, a higher intensity is needed to achieve improvement in their training results. You can't run 5 km at the same pace every time, or lift the same weights at the same pace at the gym every time. To achieve results you must increase intensity. Run faster and lift heavier.


It is quite possible to get an effective workout through all your muscle groups in a short time and still get a positive result. You can train a quarter a day and get adequate exercise. It's important to get your heart rate up and train at a faster pace than usual. Do the exercises carefully, but in a slightly higher pace, get up panting and reduce rest.

There is a method known as 10-20-30 which you can easily try the next time you're running. You start out easy for 30 seconds to raise the tempo next 20 seconds and the last 10 seconds to the minute you drive in the maximum speed (ie as hard as you can run). Then start again from the beginning. You do the same procedure five times, then you rest for two minutes and then you run two to three times.


You will get visible results, results noticable to you and people around you, with intense exercising a quarter a day. You can lose several kilos and get a firmer body in a few weeks. Your chances for really great results will increase if you also look over your diet and restrict your calorie intake, and look over the intake of white flour and sugar.

If you are completely untrained we recommend that you contact a doctor before you start. Anything is better than nothing, so if you're not able to workout hard yet, a nice walk is better than nothing. We believe that all training must be based on your individual level, which means that if a 15-minute walk is your max - then that is where to start!


Time is limited for all of us, and none of us feel we have enough. But - time is something you have to take, and honestly, we can all probably invest fifteen of today's precious minutes to a healthier me. We can all spare fifteen minutes a day, which means everyone has time to train fifteen minutes a day.

With healthy eating and high intensity training, you can get the results of a firmer and stronger body, and all that by working out just for fifteen minutes a day. Sometimes, it may help if you do not have to leave home to get the workout done and then there are various solutions and tools on the market.


There are many benefits to exercise at home: you can work out what you want, when you want and in just your own pace. You can easily set aside fifteen minutes a day, between two other chores at home, and really get that long awaited workout done!


If you don't know how to do it or if you need help with some really great workout routines, we have created a mobile app for iPhones. It's for free and you can get it from Appstore, just click here >> 


Bodyweight is a training gear with which you use your own bodyweight as resistance to exercise. Bodyweight is easily used at home by attaching it to a ceiling mount, or take along for the ride and attach to a hotel door or equally around a tree out on a hiking.

The gear consists of two bands with handles. The handles are made in grooved rubber to improve grip and allows you to perform the exercises more stable. The straps directly above the handles are curved and have room for hands and forearms, which improves mobility and prevents the risk that the bands will abrade the wrists and arms.

The Bodyweight┬« straps are specifically designed in such a way where the feet can be securely placed in proportional loops under the handles, which will cradle the feet without the risk of them slipping out during certain exercises. 

The gear comes with a practical and stylish backpack that makes it easy to store, and or take, Bodyweight anywhere. Bodyweight takes very little space and has a very low weight!